UDEMY Introduction to MicroStrategy Report Development [Review]

Introduction To MicroStrategy Report Development.

This course comes from Adastra Academy .


  • Over 63 lectures and 10 hours of content!
  • Describe the core MicroStrategy concepts and MicroStrategy Project Lifecycle phases
  • Define components and different types of MicroStrategy Architecture
  • Create Scheme Objects, Public Objects, and MicroStrategy reports
  • Understand the Report Execution Lifecycle, apply data manipulation techniques, and analyze different report views of the MicroStrategy reports
  • Work with the Warehouse Catalogue

The course has 7 modules which tries get the user up and running by explaining Microstrategy project lifecycle, Archietecture, Report Execution Lifecycle, Warehouse Catalog, Basic reporting components, and Report Data Manipulation.

The course starts very slowly, explaining too many concepts too fast throwing the introduction part out of the window.

Generally the projects worth paying money for are the ones which explain the project, than start building them one component at a time explaining the component in the process. This looks more someone is going through the document you get on the MSTR site for free.

The MSTR life cycle though is explained well, the archietecture is as theoreotically explainned as possible.

The hands on part is more towards "Hello World" than anything worthwhile. The more you look at the course more it seems to better download the MSTR trial and the document and going through instead of the course.

At last i was not in the position to go through the last chapter due to bland voice and monotonous explanation.

Course Rating : 3 Stars , Not worth the money. Get it if on sale.

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